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UK Global Talent Visa: Endorsement application refused by Tech Nation, what are the next steps


If your UK Global Talent Visa endorsement application has been refused, it is not the end of the world. There is still a good chance you may be granted a Global Talent Visa. If your application is refused, you will still get an email from Tech Nation giving main reasons for refusal. Carefully read the refusal email so you can decide on appropriate action.

Let’s look at your options in case of refusal:

  • You may either apply for an endorsement review, or
  • You can re-apply

It is important to understand why the application has been refused and ensure you’re meeting the criteria set out by your endorsing body. Furthermore, due to the complex nature of Global Talent applications, you need to make sure the evidence of your achievements is presented in a clear and persuasive way.

  1. Endorsement review

If an endorsement application is refused, applicants can challenge the decision by an Endorsement Review.

When can you request the review

Any review must be submitted within 28 days from the date of receipt of the refusal email. If your permission to stay in the UK is about to expire, applying for an endorsement review will not extend it.

Endorsement Review VS Administrative Review

An Endorsement Review is not the same as an Administrative Review. It is a non-statutory scheme. In making the original decision, the Tech Nation will reference the specific endorsement criteria, as set out in each Endorsing Body’s guidance.

How do you submit an Endorsement Review?

You will be required to review the reasons of the refusal of UK Global Talent Visa and submit the form to Home Office with clear objections.

You’ll be told by email within 28 days if your review has been successful.

You can only ask for review once. You can ask for another review based on the new reasons only.


  • Review enables you to identify any mistakes in processing your application, it should not be used to only argue against the endorsement decision.
  • When submitting a Review, keep your arguments as concise and clear as possible, this helps the Review assessor to consider your case.
  • Focus the contents of your Review on any mistakes in processing your application that you have identified.
  • Submitting complex or excessive amounts of information is unlikely to strengthen your Review or assist the process.
  • New evidence cannot be submitted under Review and attempting to do so may hinder the Review process.
  • As you cannot change your original application, carefully consider whether the mistake you have identified will change the outcome without new evidence.

Making a new application – UK Global Talent Visa

If you decide not to request an Endorsement Review, you can still consider whether to make a new Global Talent application for endorsement. If you do make a new application, carefully consider how you might improve your application based on the previous endorsement decision and the feedback that is provided. When you make a new application you will also have to pay a new application fee. You can reapply as many times as you would like. Sometimes it’s worth considering other visa categories you may be eligible for. For example, you might not have enough technical experience for the Global Talent visa, and it will be really difficult to argue your case. In this case you may want to consider other visa options like Innovator or Start-up visa. 

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  1. Reference letters – too generic or not relevant to the application

You must provide 3 letters of recommendation with your application. It’s essential that your reference letters come from industry leaders. This must be evident from their CV or LinkedIn profile. Make sure you carefully choose the people who will write a recommendation for you. Also, remember to not use any generic reference letters templates you may find on the web as this way your letters will be quite generic and if it is found that you were using other applicants’ letters as a template they will not be taken into account.

  • The evidence you have provided for the selected criteria is insufficient 

You have not provided enough evidence for the chosen criteria. For example, if you have chosen innovation as one of the criteria you must make sure you provide solid proof of innovation that you have worked on within the company. This can be presented in the form of a letter from your employer, your employment contract, or the description of the innovative product/service. 

  • The evidence you have provided is not credible

Another reason for refusal may be is that the evidence you have attached is not credible (e.g. your figures don’t match). Always make sure the evidence you provide with your application is thoroughly checked for any mistakes and discrepancies.

  • You have provided more than 10 supporting documents 

As stated in Tech Nation guidance you must provide no more than 10 supporting documents with your endorsement application. In practice, many applicants disregard this point and submit too many documents with their application and as a result get a refusal even if their application had potential to get endorsed in the first place.

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