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UK Global Talent Visa. List of Documents Needed to Apply


The UK Global Talent Visa is a category of visa that allows highly skilled individuals to live and work in the United Kingdom. It is specifically designed for individuals who are exceptional in their field and are likely to contribute to the UK’s economy. The Global Talent Visa UK IT is one of the categories that is available under this visa, specifically for individuals with expertise in the information technology field.

It is crucial to assess your accomplishments and ensure that you include all evidence of your talent when applying for the Global Talent Visa. To assist you in the application process, we have created a list of the necessary document types and provided specific examples that can be included.

To successfully prepare your Global Talent Visa application, it is imperative that you have all the required documents. These may comprise proof of identity, evidence of qualifications, a comprehensive CV, and a personal statement that highlights your achievements and future aspirations.

Furthermore, it is crucial to emphasise that the endorsing body will only assess your accomplishments up to the date of your application. Therefore, it is essential to highlight your most recent and pertinent achievements in your application.

These documents must be uploaded to the Tech Nation platform (Current Endorsing body for digital technology) as part of your application process:

  • A completed Tech Nation Visa application form
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Comprehensive (CV) that includes your career history and publication history
  • Personal Statement, which should be a maximum of 1000 words in length
  • Up to 10 pieces of evidence that are relevant to the Eligibility Criteria.

Let’s go through each point in more detail.

UK Global Talent Visa. Personal Statement

The personal statement is a vital element of the application process for the UK Global Talent Visa. It offers applicants a chance to showcase their accomplishments, career aspirations, and their potential contribution to the UK’s innovation ecosystem. Crafting a strong personal statement can be the deciding factor between a successful or unsuccessful application.

Personal Statement must be submitted through the Tech Nation form and should not be uploaded as a separate document. It is recommended to keep it to a maximum of 1000 words in length, and the content should focus on describing the contribution that the applicant intends to make to the UK digital technology sector. The statement should be relevant and consistent to the rest of your application.

Questions to answer in your Personal Statement.

As part of the Tech Nation assessment, you will be asked to provide answers to specific questions, as well as any other relevant information. The questions may include the following:

  • What is the reason for your interest in coming to the UK?
  • What is your intended occupation while in the UK?
  • Which region or city in the UK do you plan to reside in?
  • How will your work benefit the digital technology sector in the UK?

This information can help to strengthen your application and increase your chances of receiving an endorsement from Tech Nation.

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Recommendation Letters

The recommendation letter is a crucial component of the application, as it provides Tech Nation with an assessment of the applicant’s skills and expertise.

Main Requirements for Recommendation Letters

  • You must provide 3 recommendation letters (this is mandatory)
  • All 3 letters must be from different people
  • All letters must be provided on company’s letterhead
  • All letters must be dated and signed Each letters must be 1-3 pages long
  • Each letter must also be accompanied by the referee’s CV

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As part of your online Tech Nation application, your CV is one of the documents that you need to submit. It should be between 1-3 pages in length and include a brief summary of your background and experience.

To optimise your CV, we recommend structuring it appropriately, including professional experience, education, skills and achievements, and any other relevant experience. To enhance your application further, it is advisable to include relevant screenshots, links, and photos from conferences or other professional engagements that demonstrate your skills and accomplishments. Articles or other materials that showcase your talents or potential can also be useful in strengthening your application.

CV’s Structure

  1. Summary

The resume summary is a concise introduction, typically consisting of 1-5 sentences, placed at the top of your resume. It aims to highlight your most pertinent career experience, skills, and achievements.


Dynamic and creative software developer with over 5 years of experience in producing robust code for high-volume companies. Eager to support any dev team with top-notch coding skills. In previous roles, doubled code- efficiency of ___, and increased customer retention by X% among others.

  1. Your Professional Experience

When it comes to structuring your CV, it is important to list your work experience in reverse chronological order, ensuring that everything you mention is relevant to the digital sector.

For each role, include your job title, the name of the company, the duration of your employment, and your key responsibilities. Additionally, be sure to mention your impact and achievements during your time in each position. This information can provide valuable insights to potential employers or the endorsing body, as it demonstrates your contributions and the results you achieved in previous roles.

  1. Education

It is essential to list and date all previous education, including any professional qualifications. Place the most recent education first and include the type of qualification, grades, and dates of completion.

It is important to mention specific modules only when they are relevant to the digital sector or the position you are applying for. This can help to demonstrate your expertise in a particular area and can provide valuable information for potential employers or the endorsing body. Конец формы

  1. Skills & Achievements

This is where you talk about the foreign languages you speak, the IT packages you can

competently use & programming languages you know. Mention any awards/certificates you have

that are relevant to the digital sector.

  1. Other Experience

This is the section where you can mention any extracurricular activities that can demonstrate if you are an Exceptional Promise or Talent in the field of digital technologies. For example:

  • Public speaking at events, conferences, universities, etc. that make an impact to the tech sector.
  • Active community memberships or judging competitions that are relevant to the digital tech sector.
  • Features in media publications that make an impact to the tech sector.
  • Participation in tech-related mentoring/volunteering programs
  • Tech-related publications (articles, books,etc.)

Additional Evidence

As part of the Global Talent Visa application process, you are allowed to submit up to ten pieces of evidence to demonstrate that you meet the Eligibility Criteria. According to Tech Nation, you are required to provide evidence of any commercially successful established businesses, share ownership, or businesses dissolved within the last five years, where you held a senior executive or founder position.

When submitting your supporting documents, use the Tech Nation application form to indicate which documents correspond to your chosen Eligibility Criteria. If you opt to submit a cover letter instead, it must be included as one of your ten supporting documents.

By thoughtfully selecting and presenting your evidence, you can make a compelling case for your eligibility and enhance your chances of receiving a positive endorsement.

To be eligible for the Global Talent Visa in the digital tech field, both Promise and Talent candidates must meet at least one mandatory and two optional criteria.

The mandatory criterion is to provide evidence of being recognised as a leading talent or having the potential to become one in the future within the digital tech field.

In addition to the mandatory criterion, applicants can choose to meet two of the following optional criteria to increase their chances of being endorsed:

  • Innovation;
  • Recognition for work beyond the applicant’s occupation;
  • Contribution to the tech field;
  • Academic contribution.

Once Tech Nation has endorsed your application, the Home Office will notify you of the result. If your application is successful, you can then proceed with the second stage, which is the visa application process.

Before you begin preparing documents for your application, it is important to thoroughly read all of the criteria. We advise you to take our unique test for compliance with the recommendations and criteria to evaluate your chances of successfully obtaining a visa.

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