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UK Global Talent Visa: Stage 2 – Visa Application Process


If you are reading this, then you probably want to know what happens after you receive an endorsement letter from Tech Nation for UK Global Talent Visa. Congratulations! You are almost there! Now that you have secured an endorsement you can move on to the Stage 2 – your Visa Application. Please note that your visa application does not have anything to do with Tech Nation and is not assessed by them. You must apply you must apply on the official Global Talent website (Home Office).

The validity of your endorsement letter from Tech Nation

You will have to apply for your visa (Stage 2) within 3 months of receiving your endorsement from Tech Nation. If you fail to submit your application within this timeframe your endorsement letter will no longer be valid. The date of issue will be provided on your endorsement letter.

Your Visa Application – What is assessed at Stage 2?

The Home Office consider immigration aspects, such as general grounds for refusal, and if you are already in the UK whether you are able to switch into UK Global Talent Visa.

How to apply?

When you have an endorsement, you can apply for the Global Talent visa if:

  • you’ve been endorsed by an organisation approved by the Home Office (Tech Nation)
  • you’re applying within 3 months of receiving your endorsement letter
  • the organisation that endorsed you has not withdrawn its approval

You have to apply online. You can apply from outside the UK or inside the UK (e.g. if you are switching from a different visa).

Your partner and children will need to apply separately, and use your application number, to travel with you or join you in the UK if they are eligible.

Required documents for UK Global Talent Visa

When applying for you visa (Stage 2) you will have to provide the following documents:

  1. a valid passport or other document that shows your identity and nationality;
  2. you will have your fingerprints and photograph taken at a visa application centre – this is to get a biometric residence permit (BRP).
  3. your tuberculosis test results if you’re from a country where you have to take the test. If your country is on the list of countries where you have to take the test. The TB test must be carried out in one of the Home Office approved medical establishments. Please note that the fee is charged for the test as well. Your TB test is valid for 6 months.
  4. You will also have to provide certified translations for all documents that are not in English or Welsh.

Application Fees

Main Applicant:

It costs £623 to apply for the main applicant.

If you’re applying based on an endorsement, you’ll pay the £623 in two parts:

  • £456 when you apply for the endorsement (Stage 1)
  • £167 when you apply for the visa itself (Stage 2)

Your dependents:

If you’re including your partner or children in your application, they’ll each need to pay £623.

For example, if you are applying with your spouse and 2 children you will have to pay the amount of £2,492.

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Additional Fees that must be paid at the time of the application:

-Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS)

Payment of the IHS entitles you to access any healthcare services that are offered by the NHS. This payment is not optional. You cannot opt out on the basis that you don’t foresee needing health care during your leave. You must still pay the Immigration Health Surcharge in full even if you have private health insurance.

You will pay the Immigration Health Surcharge when you submit your visa application online. You will automatically be redirected to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge before paying the application fee for your application. If your visa application gets refused the IHS will be refunded to you.

How much is IHS for a Global Talent Visa?

IHS is currently £624 per year for each person applying. The total amount will depend on the duration of your visa and also if you are applying alone or including dependents in your application. The IHS must be paid in full for each person applying.

Please note that the IHS is subject to change each year. Use the official IHS calculator to check how much you need to pay.

Processing Times for UK Global Talent Visa

Once you’ve applied online, proved your identity and provided your documents, you’ll usually get a decision on your visa within:

  • 3 weeks, if you’re outside the UK
  • 8 weeks, if you’re inside the UK

Priority Service

If you verify your identity at a visa application centre and the service is available in the country you’re applying from, you can choose the ‘priority service’ when you apply. There will be an additional cost for this service.

A decision will be made within 5 working days of your appointment at the visa application centre. The priority visa service is available in most countries.

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After you apply online

Once you apply online you will normally have to visit one of the UK authorised visa centers to prove your identity.

Upon completing the online visa application form and payment of all application fees you will be required to choose one of the UK authorised visa centres where you can book your appointment.

At the appointment you will have your fingerprints and photograph taken. This is required to get your biometric residence permit (BRP). A biometric residence permit (BRP) can be used to confirm your identity, right to study, right to any public services or benefits you’re entitled to. You will receive your BRP upon your arrival to the UK if your visa application is successful. You will normally pick up your BRP at your local post office.

Your visa is granted – What’s next?

Once your visa is successfully granted you will get a vignette sticker in your passport at the visa centre. This sticker signifies your permission to enter the UK. However, the sticker is only valid for 3 months, so you will have to enter the UK within 90 days. Once you are in the UK you can collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) at your local post office and use it to confirm your identity in the UK. You must also take your BRP with you each time you travel outside the UK as you will have to present it at the border to be allowed back into the country.