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Tech Nomads is Relocation Platform for Tech Founders and IT Specialists. UK Innovator Founder Visa | UK Global Talent Visa

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About us

About Tech Nomads
Tech Nomads is Relocation Platform for Tech Founders and IT Specialists
Our Mission
To Unite Technology, Relocation and Entrepreneurship and help our clients become Global Tech Citizens
Our Tech Solutions
We created a new experience for our clients through our fully digital Pre-Qualifying Approach when dealing with each enquiry, as well as refined our case management system after onboarding Tech Founders and/or IT Specialists

Why Tech Nomads?

Experienced Business Advisers in Tech
We have a team of professional business advisers who will be there to help you achieve any of your business goals.
Professional Relocation Experts
More than 7 years of experience within UK business immigration sector.
Over 500 UK Business Visas Granted
Over 500 clients received UK Business Visas.
Over £10M Investments
Our UK Visa Applicants invested over £10m in Innovative and Tech Business in the UK.
95% Success Rate in UK Legal Cases
The success rate of our UK Business Visa Cases is over 95%.
Digital Global Presence
Our team of immigration experts and business advisers is based all over the world, so we can deliver top quality services to you locally.

What We Do

1. We Pre-Qualify you

Eligibility Test

Complete our tailored eligibility test and evaluate your chances of relocating to the UK via Innovator visa, Start-up visa or Global Talent visa route.

2. We perform Full Assessment

Free Consultation

At this stage you will have a thorough review of your case with one of our immigration lawyers and business experts to help you choose the best immigration route.

3. We Manage Your Immigration Case

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During this stage we get to know you as a client. We will ask you to complete one of our tailored eligibility tests to evaluate your chances of getting a UK visa. Then, we perform full assessment of your case during a call with one of our immigration lawyers and business experts to choose the best immigration route for you.

Endorsement Process
Endorsement Process

During this stage our team prepares the applicant for the successful endorsement. Our immigration lawyers & business experts will provide assistance with all necessary application forms and documentation, as well as communication with endorsing bodies. Endorsing body will assess applicant’s skills, abilities and achievements, and advises the Home Office whether he or she can be endorsed.

Visa Preparation
Visa Preparation

Once we obtain the Endorsement Letter from endorsement body we will finalise your case, attach all additional documents and submit the online application form to the Home Office. When submitting the online application form all government immigration fees must be paid, then we upload all the required documents and book your appointment at the authorised visa centre in your country to provide biometrics and photos.

Visa Approval
Visa Approval

Once your visa is successfully received, we will give you access to our tailored guide which includes all the essential information that you may need to know about life in the UK.

4. We Relocate you

After you successfully receive your visa we will be here to assist you with all the next steps required upon arrival to the UK, such as police registration, getting your BRP, meeting your endorsement body, etc.

5. Post-Relocation services

After you are all settled in the UK we will be pleased to offer you the best services from our Partners (Tax Advice, Banking & Finance, Education, Accomodation, VC & Accelarators)

VC & Accelerators
Private Education
Find out if you are eligible for one of the UK business visas
and go through our tailored Eligibility Test to evaluate your chances.
Eligibility Test

Partners & Endorsment bodies

Who do we help

People with great ideas
Have an innovative idea that has the potential to grow into a successful business? We got you
Who realise there are much more favourable conditions to scale their business in other countries
Tech Professionals
Who have extensive experience and a high level of qualification in their field
Financially independent individuals
Who have passive or active remote income streams or reserve funds and a desire to move to another country

Our Clients

Meet Our

Being an immigrant myself I faced many difficulties when dealing with complex and confusing immigration system of the UK when applying for my UK Business Visa and relocating to new country. As I saw this system from the inside, I noticed that there were many gaps such as poor client’s approach and lack of innovation. I founded Tech Nomads with a clear vision to provide innovative and customer-oriented solutions and build tech relocation platform for overseas founders and IT specialists.

Evgeny Pavlov, Founder of Tech Nomads

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